The South Dakota Physical Therapy Association (SDPTA) will play an integral role in healthcare policy development and will promote the provision of, and recognition of, high-quality physical therapy services.


The mission of the South Dakota Physical Therapy Association (SDPTA), the principal membership organization representing and promoting the profession of Physical Therapy in South Dakota, is to:

1.) Meet the needs and interests of its members, 
2.) Further the profession’s role in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of movement dysfunction, and 
3.) Enhance the physical health and functional abilities of members of the public.


I. It is the goal of this Association to retain and activate current members and recruit new members.

The targets are:
– 100% retention of members present in each member category
– Increase total membership by 5%

a. Activate membership by increased participation in SDPTA events. 
b. Use, support and maintain good management of our state database of members. * 
c. The Membership Committee has regional/facility representatives to contact 100% of the state’s non-members; these activities are to be continued. 
d. Develop effective communication protocols for disbursement of information to SDPTA membership through the use of resources such as web home page, email list, mini informational spots in newsletter, faxes, etc. These need to be continually updated. 
e. Continue tracking membership recruitment marketing efforts. 
f. Continue to send a welcome packet to new licensees within the state. * 
g. Complete personal contacts with 100% of dropped members. * 
h. Encourage executive board members to mentor future leaders.
i. Assign two (2) people to contact members who are no longer active within the SDPTA. 
j. Complete skills inventory database of membership. 
k. Investigate the use of an incentive program for membership recruitment/referral.
l. Invite one (1) SPT and one (1) SPTA to serve on the SDPTA Membership, Public Relations and Education Committees.

II. It is the goal of this Association to increase the public and professional awareness of Physical Therapy. 

The targets are: 
a. Increase public awareness of Physical Therapy as a profession. 
b. Education Committee members will utilize nationally recognized issues/public events to make the public aware of Physical Therapy issues on a local level. 
c. Identify and build relationships with state media personal. 
d. One payer educational conference on the “Guide to Physical Therapy” and other pertinent issues. Develop a handbook on tips to utilize the Guide.
e. SDPTA will be the recognized voice for Physical Therapy in South Dakota. 
f. Create a response mechanism to be used by the leadership team to speak effectively. 
g. Educate members on the chain of communication to notify SDPTA of issues that need to be responded to. 
h. Develop tools to assist members with Public Relations campaigns
i. Create a tracking list of legislators with 100% direct contact within each district. 
j. One educational presentation to members on a legislative approach. 
k. Develop a public relations tool specific to current SDPTA issues with 100% involvement of members.
l. The public relations committee will develop and activate an educational campaign on association and Physical Therapy that targets potential and existing members. * 
m. One leadership-training program focused on being the communicators for SDPTA. 
n. Decorate a Christmas tree at the State Capitol with a Physical Therapy Theme. 
o. Develop one unified PT month theme that will be carried out around the state simultaneously. *

III. It is the goal of the SDPTA to be financially responsible. 

The target is:
– Establish a positive cash flow of 10%.

IV. Be proactive regarding legislative and reimbursement issues. 

a. Develop and use legislative districts to coordinate communication and achieve 100% contact with legislators. 
b. Educate membership on how to participate in the legislative processes both locally and at the national level.
c. Establish a proactive process for the Reimbursement Committee to become a clearinghouse for reimbursement issues within the state. *

V. Optimize communication between SDPTA and other healthcare professions. 

a. The executive board will initiate contact with other healthcare organizations. 
b. Develop more consistent, reliable methods of communication with our members and other healthcare providers. 
c. Establish a protocol for use of e-mail, fax, phone trees, etc. to disseminate information. 
d. Establish an annual fun social event with a less intensive educational component. 
e. The executive board will make contact with 100% of the affiliate members. 
f. Provide leadership training for committee chairs. 
g. Develop more effective communication mechanisms.