We have been studying the issue of physician referrals for PT to specific clinics and institutions to which they are affiliated and not giving patients a choice of physical therapy providers. We have sent a letter to Dr. Robert Raszkowski, President of the SDMA and I have talked with Dr. Raszkowski at length about this issue and the Ethics Committee has discussed it at length. It is Dr. Raszkowski’s felling and mine that there is not really much that can be done about it at this time. He also has the same problem.

A suggestion that came out of our committee meeting and also when I talked with Dr. Raszkowske was that the private practice therapists should get together and discuss the issue. They are directly involved and many of us are not. Some groups may have some suggestions and ideas that have helped them that they could pass on and other strategies could be developed as a group.


David B. Olson,
Ethics Committee Chairperson